NOTE: Please find here below listed the short biographies of only the key personnel of Metalex Incorporation. The Curriculum Vitae of the listed key personnel and other personnel already under employment and/or employed in the previous projects and available for future projects are listed in the Staff Data Base of the company and can be submitted for further prequalification requirements. The Biographies of the Members of the Board of Directors are available separately

Ayd ın Yurdayar has a B. Sc on Mechanical Engineering from Middle East Technical University (M.E.T.U.), Ankara, Turkey. He conducted post graduate studies on industrial applications of Robotics and trajectory optimization of industrial robot manipulators in a joint program of M.E.T.U. with the University of Tokyo. After the university he has spent whole of his professional career exceeding 21 years in oil & gas industry. In international environment he got involved in various disciplines of oil & gas industry such as construction of pipelines, oil & gas facilities, refineries, oilfield development, hi-tech applications in construction & testing of pipelines, storage facilities, terminals and refinery units. Starting back in 1986 as a field engineer he worked in all phases of chain of command in oil & gas construction mainly on site and also in engineering & design teams. He worked as a professional Construction Manager & Project Manager in construction of more than 4,000 km of cross country pipelines to carry various hydrocarbons. His last outstanding post as a professional manager was in the 3.4 Billion US$ Blue Stream Project. He was the Project Coordinator and a member of the Executive Committee of the international Joint Venture which constructed on turn-key basis the Turkish on-shore part of the Blue Stream Project. He founded Metalex Construction as a limited liability company in 1996 and converted it to incorporation in year 2000. The core of Metalex is formed by a group of highly experienced specialists who worked together with him as team members in most of the biggest energy and infrastructure projects in the Middle East and FSU countries, majority in Turkey, built over the last four decades. They have worked in the top posts of these projects as project managers, construction managers, site managers, QA/QC managers, spread-bosses, lead-engineers, specialists, supervisors and foremen covering all phases including engineering, design, material and equipment manufacturing & procurement, construction, quality control, testing, commissioning and operation. Dedication, trust and support of his team, the most valuable asset of the company, has turned Metalex Construction Industry Trading Co. Inc. into an international EPC contractor qualified by most of the major clients all over the world and competing with the biggest players of the industry within a decade.

Haldun Tuna has an M. Sc. Degree from Middle East Technical University, Turkey on Electrical & Electronics Engineering. He has more than 20 years successful background in many key posts in engineering, construction and investment projects management. The first 10 years covers Turkish State establishment’s contracts management of Power Plants, Infrastructure studies of Energy network including Turkish State Electricity Authority (T.E.K.). He worked for the Major projects of Turkey in the energy, iron & steel, oil & gas industries. His posts in the private sector covers Turkish and international engineering, construction & industry companies such as Guris, ERDEMIR State Iron & Steel Mills, ICDAS Steel Mill, TUPRAS Turkish State Refinery Corporation and Eaton Westinghouse Industries

Sebnem Kumral has a B.A. Degree in Political Science and Public Administration, from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Middle East Technical University, Turkey and she has a second Diploma from the Institute of Vocational Studies, Turkey. She has more than 20 years experience in various international governmental organizations worldwide. She worked as a Logistics Planner in the Production Program of F16 fighters by Turkish Aerospace Industries, Service Supervisor for OSCE Mission in Kosovo and Supervisory Staff for various international projects of UNHCR of United Nations and NGO’s supported by UNHCR. Her duties included but not limited to project formulation, fund-raising; financial accounts, publicity and advocacy of human rights for migrants. She also worked as Special Adviser to some NGO’s and Turkish Members of Parliament advising them on all political, social and economic trends. She was the Public and Community Relations Chief for Botas International Limited (BIL) within the scope of BP-Amoco led Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Crude Oil Pipeline Project. She joined various training programs on different aspects of Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Management conducted by major oil companies.

Naziver Tural has an M. Sc. Degree from Middle East Technical University, Turkey on Industrial Engineering. She has more than 21 years successful background in many key posts solely on planning, scheduling and cost estimating. Her first 18 years covers various posts with Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) on various aircraft manufacturing programs. These include F16 fighter aircraft manufacturing program with General Dynamics, Cougar Helicopter manufacturing program, programs with Spanish CASA Industries on cargo aircraft manufacturing and passenger aircraft parts manufacturing for Boeing and Airbus Industries. She was responsible for the development of master plans, steering schedules, master production schedules, assignment of resources and control of budgets and reporting to top level management. She has seen a series of advanced training programs on program management, risk management, MRP II, parametric estimating, etc with Boeing in the U.S. and Airbus Industries in Europe. She joined Metalex in 2003 to lead Metalex Planning & Estimating Team and adopted her deep resource planning experience to oil & gas facility construction projects.

Kerim Ince has completed his Level A Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Law Training in U.K. and holds a B.A. (Hons) Degree on Politics from the University of Warwick, U.K. He holds both British and Turkish passport. He worked for 10 years in various organizations in the U.K. for procurement of materials, services and sub-contractors on project basis. These include the projects of London Transport Authority and various oil & gas companies. He joined Metalex team in 2004 and he is responsible for procurement of project materials & services from international markets. He also keeps and maintains the company data bases for vendors and sepcailist subcontractors.

Hikmet Yildirim has B. Sc. Degree in Advanced Computer Programming from the University of Caucasus in Nalchik, Russian Federation. In addition to this, he has PGS in accounting and economics in the University of Moscow. He has three years experience working as a commercial financial analyst as well as hands on experience in all levels of accounting. He has worked as a controller and CFO in commercial construction for over 15 years. He has general contracting experience, which includes large nationwide projects, as well as several years’ experience in electrical contracting. His experience has allowed him to participate as an officer and on the Board of Directors of various organizations. He is a renowned expert on writing and developing construction accounting and estimating software.