The core of Metalex is formed by a group of highly experienced specialists

who worked together as a team in most of the biggest energy and infrastructure projects in the middle east and FSU countries, majority in Turkey, built over the last four decades. These people who are the most valuable asset of the company have worked in the top posts of these projects as project managers, construction managers, site managers, QA/QC managers, spreadbosses, lead-engineers, specialists, supervisors and foremen covering all phases including engineering, design, material and equipment procurement, construction, quality control, testing, commissioning and operation.

Mr. Aydın YURDAYAR, the Chairman and CEO of the company, was the technical boss of the team as Project Manager of most of these projects. His last outstanding post as a professional manager was in the 339.750.000 USD Blue Stream Project. He was the Project Coordinator and a member of the Executive Commitee of OHS Joint Venture, the contractor which constructed on turn-key basis the Turkish on-shore part of the Blue Stream Project. Metalex has been established in 1996 as a limited liability company. In the year 2000 it has turned into an incorporation with 1.000,000,000,000 TL paid-up capital. It is registered as an authorised engineering company and turn-key construction contractor in the short-list of Turkish Pipeline Operator Company BOTAS, Turkish State Refinery Company TUPRAS and Turkish Oil Exploration Company TPAO both for high pressure cross-country pipelines and low pressure distribution pipelines and oil & gas facilities separately.

The capabilities of Metalex as a general contractor covers nearly all phases of oil & gas pipeline and facility construction and industrial plants design and construction. The market target is the Middle East, North African and Eastern European countries. The capabilities and strength of Metalex is detailed in the following sections of this company profile.


We exist to;

materialize projects requiring advanced technology and specialization, create benefits for our employees, our company and end users, provide the satisfaction of our customers in maximum level,

in design, engineering, procurement & supply, construction, testing and commissioning jobs of pipeline, oil & gas facility and infrastructure construction projects in energy sector and various industries.


Metalex is a company,

which produces its own technical specifications and technology in world energy sector,  is accepted by all over the world with its success in design and application processes, contains the most advanced techniques and technologies in working
areas, aims continuous development, is dynamic and provides integrity with its employees.